​​​Northern Lights Freedom and Life


It is so exciting. As I began to wait on the Lord, He brought me into the secret place of the Most High (Psalm 91). My spirit in contact with God's. What an experience. This was back to my first love, Jesus.

Years ago we ran from Holy Ghost meeting to Holy Ghost meeting trying to experience exactly this very thing. The bad thing about that was that we always had to depend on others to enter in. We were glad to support the other ministries, but we were always dependent on somebody having a revival meeting. When the revivals were all gone, guess what, we were back to where we started. That was usually in a dry place looking for that exciting Holy Ghost experience.

You might be thinking to yourself that a Christian should not need an experience, but should walk by faith. All I know is this; if you don't get back to your first love and the experience of the mighty Holy Ghost, you will turn into a very dry Christian in no time at all. Thirty five years ago the exciting Holy Spirit brought me out, and kept me out, of a very dark place in this world. Young people today need something real, something exciting to keep them out of the bondage of this world. We need to walk the Spirit and lead others there as well.

Jesus didn't depend on others, He stayed in contact with the Father in heaven. He is our example. From now on, I will be waiting on the Lord. I have been learning how to practice the presence of God. That means, the more I wait, the easier it is to find my place in God. God knows my heart, and He doesn't make me wait long for Him.

If you haven't been doing the prayer thing, start today. The quicker you start the quicker things will change in your life.

How's the prayer challenge going? If you have been keeping up with what has been going on, then you have been purposefully taking time to pray. We started out setting our phone timers for five minutes and added a minute per day to that. After a couple of weeks I added waiting on the Lord to our endeavor. (Psalm 40:1, "I waited patiently for the Lord; he inclined unto me, and heard my cry" KJV). As I waited on the Lord amazing things began to happen. I began to sense that God was bringing me to life; I began to feel a quickening in my soul. That's King James talk for bringing me to life.  We don't realize how the fleshly man can quickly lead us away from the things of the Spirit of God. Rom 8:11 says,  "But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you" (KJV).

On another note:

​I just finished my second book. The name of it is Gabriel's Station. It came out in the spring of this year. You can get more information about it and my first book Alluring Deception if you go to www.sonshineroom.com. You can purchase a book on the website or go to Amazon and purchase from them or from one of the many book stores listed there. If you get one please send in a review. God bless you.